The Bio of Achim G - singing drummer drumming singer is available for download in english, luxemburgish, german and french

Achim G is a recording artist, songwriter, singer, drummer, producer and publisher, who collaborates with other artists over the internet.

Musical footprints of Achim G have been found at many venues in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain and Turkey.

Fortunately, the success of the album "Son Defa" of the turkish band Ünlü attracted many fans in Asia over the last 2 decades as well.

Achim G performed shows with many bands and recorded for many artists and producers.

Nowadays, Achim G composes and records his tasteful authentic, soulfully simple and innocent written songs in his own recording studio in tiny but gorgeous Luxembourg, spiritually in musical humbleness and peaceful grace.

He frequently works as a session musician, he records Drums, Percussion and Loops, delivers Sound-Design for movie projects and collaborates with other artists over the internet.

Obviously, god sometimes has mercy!

Groovy Kind Regards, Achim G


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